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Counseling Women

As women, we have unique concerns. Often we are socialized to be SUPER--! SUPER-woman, SUPER-mom, SUPER-daughter, SUPER-friend, SUPER-housemaid, get the idea. We are expected to do it ALL. And oftentimes do it ALL BY OURSELF! WTF! Really? Are you freakin' kidding me?

This can lead to many probelms in all areas of our lives. At work, home, school, in our relationships, and within ourselves.

Counseling for Women in Columbia, MO

Heal wounds, love yourself, connect with others & create balance to achieve lasting positive change!

Our Brave therapists love empowering women to be their authentic badass self! 

Women are amazing individuals, each with unique powers hidden within. Unfortunately, you're struggling to see your strength, let alone access it. Something is standing in your way from accessing the life you deserve. You wish to make a change in how you see yourself, your relationships, or the world, achieving acceptance, connection, and understanding. You wish to create a balance within yourself and your life. You desire happiness.  

But finding the balance and joy you seek has been elusive. You're a woman of many hats! You're a daughter, lifelong student, sister, bake sale organizer, cousin, financial advisor, aunt, significant other/lover/ spouse, parent, maid, entertainer, caregiver, personal coach, best friend, executive chef of your home, co-worker, team leader, professional executive and so much more! In fact, you probably don't even realize how many roles you have because you're so used to being Superwoman! 

However, NO ONE can keep up with that pace! It's not only unrealistic, but it's also unfair! You have needs too. You deserve to have those needs met! You realize if you don't start making your mental and physical health a priority, you won't be able to play the roles you want to. 

So Superwoman, it's time to check in with us and recharge! Regardless of what you're facing, be it big or small, we're here to help you get things back on track! 

Our Brave therapists provide individual counseling to women seeking to heal wounds, love themselves, connect with others and create balance in their lives to create profound, lasting change. 

We provide the encouragement, support, tools, and skills you need to be the captain of your own destiny! We will empower you to withstand any of life's many transitions and challenges ahead. The journey isn't ways smooth, but it's worth the effort. Using your personal values, dreams, desire, and goals as our road-map, we will plot a course which feels right for you.

We passionately support women with the following issues:

Please note if you did not see your primary concern listed above there is a good chance we can assist you or connect you with a fellow counselor. We invite you to contact us and see if we are a good fit.

Brave provides expert Counseling for Women in Columbia, MO

Brave provides expert Counseling for Women in Columbia, MO 

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