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Transform your life with individual therapy - dive deep and gain a greater understanding of yourself for more meaningful living.

Building communities for like-minded individuals.

The beauty of individual therapy lies in the opportunity to discover more about oneself and one's challenges while engaging in conversation with a professional. This classic one-on-one counseling offers a chance to cultivate a greater understanding of oneself and the symptoms experienced, with the aim of equipping individuals to live a more purposeful life.

Counseling for Children & Adolescents

Being a parent is tough... So is being a kid, tween, teen, or adolescent.
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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Providing you guidance, support, encouragement & information to create change.
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Couples Counseling & Marriage Therapy

Navigating intimate relationships can be a complicated journey.
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At Brave we believe that everyone should feel comfortable, respected and HEARD in their therapy sessions. Choosing a counselor is an intimate process. This is the person who will provide you the safe space to discuss all of the things you keep from everyone else. Moreover, the connection you have with your therapist is the number one determining factor of your success and growth in therapy.

Individual therapy is a safe space.

This means you can focus on the concerns that matter most to you- without fear of judgment, criticism, or rejection. It is so important to find a therapist who is not only warm, empathic and understanding but will also challenge you to work through your struggles. No one needs someone to cosign on their fears or anxieties. It may feel nice but it’s not going to help you change your situation so that you're not feeling anxious, depressed, scattered or whatever concern you're experiencing that is bringing you to counseling.  Individual therapy is a place to gain a deeper understanding of how you got to the place you are and develop strategies and coping skills to work through your struggles. 

Trust is paramount to this process.  We are fully aware that for many of our clients it is difficult to trust others. Individual therapy is a place to practice setting boundaries, speaking our mind, advocating for your needs. We want to help you in a way that fits with your comfort level. We value open communication, individualized plans for every client and work hard to ensure we are providing quality care. 

From the first phone call to your final session, you are our priority. We want to match you with the person who is best suited to help you work through your concerns. We want to ensure that fit includes finding a therapist whose modality, personality and experience level is congruent with your needs. 

At Brave, we value diversity and life experiences. We want to ensure we are a safe place for all people. No matter their religious affiliation, gender-identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity or ability level. We believe in the capacity of change in everyone and pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients identify and begin utilizing their own internal strengths. You have survived this far in life, but not without some struggles. Let us help you to move from surviving to thriving. With the proper guidance and support anyone can heal from their past and move forward to creating a future they feel proud of.

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