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Women's Wellness

Heal wounds, love yourself, connect with others & create balance to achieve lasting positive change!

As women, we have unique concerns.

We are socialized to be SUPER — SUPER-woman, SUPER-mom, SUPER-daughter, SUPER-friend, SUPER-housemaid, SUPER-cook — you get the idea. We are expected to do it ALL. And, oftentimes, do it all by yourself! (WTF! Really? Are you freakin' kidding me?) This can lead to problems in all areas of our lives. At work, home, school, in our relationships, and within ourselves.

A women's wellness depends upon a healthy, personal and social life. But are you someone who finds herself constantly up against a wall? Or do you often feel like the odds are stacked against you while you do not know what to do? If so, you are not alone. 

Many women face unique struggles and obstacles that can leave them feeling overwhelmed and helpless. There is, however, an alternative. It is possible to overcome these challenges with professional guidance. 

Common Issues Women Face

As a woman, you often face many challenges in your daily professional, personal and social lives. From gender stereotypes to family pressure, maintaining work-life stress to everyday multitasking, it can be hard to maintain an optimistic outlook and stay motivated amidst these challenges. 

Some of the common reasons why a women's wellness is compromised include the following: 

Social Pressure: Even if you are an independent and working woman, you may experience discrimination and unequal pay at work and get overlooked when it is time for promotions or other opportunities. Then there are relationship-related and family issues that can bare down upon the most resilient ones and break them too. 

Biological problems: The problems we mentioned above are more external stress-related, while there are other issues, such as postpartum depression, that can lead to feelings of guilt for feeling detached from your newborn. 

Trauma: Lastly, deep-seated issues that have shame and guilt associated with them hamper everyday interactions and decision-making. Trauma from abuse as a child, dislike towards oneself, lack of confidence and extreme introversion are some of the more damaging issues that lead to a bitter, depressed, and lonely life. 

These are only some of the many reasons women struggle with mental health issues, such as anxiety, addictive behaviors, short-temperedness, depression, etc. 

So to overcome your struggles, it is essential to focus on building your skills, expanding your knowledge base, and advocating for yourself. It is also important to build supportive relationships with your colleagues and superiors and to know your rights. Ultimately, staying resilient and focused on your goals and finding support systems in adversity are essential.

We Empower Women to be their Authentic Selves & Overcome Mental Obstacles!

At Brave, we recognize the unique and complex issues women face daily. From maintaining a work-life balance to dealing with mental health struggles, the challenges are many, yet there is hope! 

We at Brave have committed ourselves to resolving Women's wellness issues. It is time for us to prioritize women's health and wellness. 

We ensure women take control of their lives and face these issues head-on. We understand women's unique challenges and provide support and guidance on how to overcome them. 

And we say this not as therapists or experts but as women. Did you know that a majority of experts at Brave are women? So we speak to you not conceptually but from a place of experience and understanding!

We Offer Help if You're Going Through the Following Phases of Life

  • Understanding Marriage, Separation, and Divorce 
  • Understanding Major Life Changes 
  • Improving Self-Worth, Self-Efficacy & Confidence 
  • Healing Painful Experiences or Trauma 
  • Issues faced in Relationships, Families, Parenting 
  • Creating a Healthy Work / Life Balance 
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression 
  • Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Our approach begins with education. We are one of the best wellness centers for women and host workshops and seminars to provide information on the latest topics facing women. We also offer women counseling in mid Missouri and mentorship services which help support dealing with adverse situations. 

Our counselors have years of experience helping women manage their emotions and build healthier relationships with those around them. With our help, women can gain the confidence to take on the world and become empowered agents of change in their communities.

To do this, we have initiated comprehensive Women's Health and Wellness programs focusing on helping you build a strong foundation for your well-being. Our Women's Wellness program includes lifestyle coaching and nutrition education to ensure you make informed decisions about your health, as well as workshops and seminars designed to address specific topics relevant to women's health and wellness.

We provide the encouragement, support, tools, and skills you need to be the captain of your own destiny! We will empower you to withstand life's many transitions and challenges. The journey isn't ways smooth, but it's worth the effort. Using your personal values, dreams, desire, and goals as our road map, we will plot a course that feels right for you.

And we know that it may take time, effort, and dedication to help you regain control of your life, but we never give up. We do everything in our capacity to help you. 

Our program for women counseling in mid Missouri strives to create an environment where everyone can share their stories and experiences and learn from each other in a safe and supportive space. So do not lose hope, and get your life back with help from some of the best therapists, counselors, and mental health experts at Brave.

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