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Life Transitions

It's time to accept the new phase of life with a big smile!

Life transitions – sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned!

We will help you navigate the steep road ahead. We are here to guide, support, encourage, and teach you the tools to face anything thrown your way.

Life will bring you at least one major transition, but how you deal with it is upon you! Some people are strong enough to face the situation, but some are soft-heartened; trust me, that's OKAY! Have you ever thought about the common thing in a job change, relocating, pregnancy, graduating, getting married, becoming a parent, etc.? Of course, it's a LIFE TRANSITION!

All these words sound fancy but are they? We all accept it or not; CHANGE is a part of life. Sometimes it's expected, and sometimes it's not! For example, turning 35 is expected, but losing a job might be incredible and devastating. 

From the moment we are born to the moment we leave this earth, we are all constantly transitioning and learning to adjust. Often this goes unnoticed as these changes can be incremental over extended periods. Other times, it's an earthquake or a tidal wave rocking our foundation, dragging us under, and drowning us. 

Only some of these transitions are welcome, but all involve some degree of change. For many of us, change can be scary – even the most outlandish, joyful times can require a significant degree of support as we find our balance again. You have already conquered many challenging life transitions and will likely face many more.

But now, you don't have to deal with them alone- brave therapists are here to help you cope with the new CHANGE!

Life transition counseling at BRAVE~ It's time to accept the new phase of life with a big smile!

Life transition counseling at BRAVE acquaints you with managing the transition positively. A life transition can be exciting and emotional at the same time. Of course, some of its byproducts include tension, fragility, vulnerability, overthinking, anxiety, heaviness of the heart, and sometimes even depression. Luckily, our life transition therapists are here to help.

If you are experiencing a life transition, it's time to head straight to BRAVE. We will help you adapt to the change, face challenges strongly, and uncover strategies that assist you in coping with new beginnings in your life!

Sometimes accepting new things can cause a feeling of loss, instability, and directionlessness. Sometimes it can also make you feel uncertainty, self-doubt, anxiety, despair, and dread. We will help you navigate the steep road ahead. With our guidance, support, encouragement, and tools, you will be prepared for anything; trust me, ANYTHING LIFE THROWS AT YOU!!

There is a common misbelief about Life transition counseling that it is only for loss, divorce, or being bereaved. Sometimes, exciting situations can even cause you anxiety or overthinking. Frankly, anyone facing an overwhelming transition in life can profit from this therapy.

Many patients think they can get through all the changes by themselves without counseling treatment. But this can sometimes lead to outbursts of emotions and negativities. While facing so many difficulties, coping by yourself can sometimes be impossible. Instead, you'll feel frustrated and crumbled. In such situations, you need a good listener. Our certified therapists know how to calm you down, teach you the proper ways to deal with changes, and, most importantly, they are trustworthy!

Lets your emotional burden come out. It's time to take life transitions positively. If you are feeling disturbed or anxious about the new changes in your life, book our counseling session for life transition in Missouri. You'll be able to re-align your life with the help of our licensed counselor.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Life Transition Counseling!

How long Does Life transition counseling last?

There is no solid answer to this question. It depends upon your present condition as well as the change that happened in your life. It can even be for days, months, or last a year. We do not encourage rush while treating the patient. If the patients still need time and counseling to get back on track, that is absolutely FINE!

What are some ways to use counseling to navigate life transitions?

If you are planning to take a Life transition counseling, you are going great. It takes effort and courage to apprehend that you need outside help. 

Sometimes we have friends and family to talk to, but a therapist can help you in the right way. Firstly, always remember to fully open up with the therapist. If you are uncomfortable and can't share everything you feel, trust me, even the best life transition therapist couldn't help! Moreover, before choosing your therapist, be assured that they are licensed. With their experience and professionalism, they know exactly how to help you.

Can I attend life transition counseling with family members?

Of course, you can! You and your family may be going through some major life changes at the same time. Make sure to let us know every detail in advance, and we can schedule accordingly. 

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After you've matched with a therapist, we recommend you reach out by requesting to schedule a consultation. This helps us learn more about you, and how we can do our best to help.
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