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ADHD Counseling and Coaching

You can count on us to help you overcome the daily struggles and live a better life!

Women with ADD/ADHD are bright, intelligent, creative, and fierce.

If you've been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, chances are you're struggling with feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment. You're also more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. We are here to help you overcome these roadblocks to your happiness!

Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADHD and been asked to take ADHD counseling and coaching? Then you are in the right place! Brave is the gateway beyond which your ADHD-inflicted issues come to an end. 

The first step to solving a problem is to identify it. You being here means you are on the right track. But let us guide you through what exactly ADHD is and the symptoms before we tell you how we can help. 

What is ADHD, and How Severe is it? 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a medical condition where a person finds it hard to stay attentive, fidgety, and impulsive. These are only a few of the many subtle and some not-so-subtle signs that signal ADHD. 

In fact, according to a study conducted by CDC in 2016, about 6 million children were diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms in Children and Teenagers

Often, a child's lack of attention and disorganized or restless behaviors are mistaken for the child having bad manners, being mischievous, or labeling the child as having a low IQ. As a result, the child suffers throughout school & preadolescence, being either fearful, anxious, or destructive. 

But no child should have to go through this alone. Moreover, this ignorance later harbors mental health issues such as depression and chronic anxiety. While some children with ADHD grow into adults, never knowing that the reason for their suffering is ADHD. To rub salt in their wounds, later in life, they realize there is something as readily available as ADHD counseling and coaching; hence they could live a much better life. And regrets only cause more pain. 

So here are some symptoms you should look for in your child. Before it spirals into something irreparable, seek help from professionals.


Here are some of the main signs of inattentiveness:

  1. Cannot stay focused
  2. Make careless blunders
  3. Does not listen when spoken directly to
  4. Often daydreams 
  5. Have trouble taking turns
  6. Has trouble with the organization

Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness

Your child is probably going through hyperactivity and impulsiveness if the following are the symptoms:

  1. Unable to sit still in peaceful situations
  2. Is very talkative 
  3. Often fidgeting
  4. Constant physical movements
  5. React to the situation without thinking
  6. Doesn't worry about any future repercussions

ADHD Symptoms in Adults

Adults who have ADHD often show these symptoms.

  • lack of concentration on detail
  • Starting a new task before properly ending the first one 
  • poor administrative skills
  • Incapability to focus
  • misplacing items
  • Perturbation and fidgets
  • difficulty keeping calm and uttering when not needed
  • Constant interruption while others are talking
  • Anger issues
  • inability to deal with anxiety

What causes ADHD?

A range of issues causes ADHD. But most often, unfortunately, genetics is the main reason. Other reasons for ADHD include 

  • Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy
  • Neurological wiring 
  • Premature delivery
  • Heredity or genes
  • Head injuries. 

Is ADHD a Severe Problem?

What if we told you that the great Albert Einstein was diagnosed with ADHD? And no, we are not saying it to make you feel better. In fact, many famous people and brilliant minds have been diagnosed with ADHD. Basketball legends Michael Jordan, John F. Kennedy, and Bill gates are some of the many greats on this never-ending list. So ADHD, as crippling as it can be, timely treatment, such as ADHD counseling and coaching, can help you live your true potential. 

On the other hand, when ignored, it can lead to dire consequences, including repeated failure, stress, depression, relationship issues, substance abuse, and this list goes on too. 

So it depends on which list you want to be on. If the list with all the great names is who you pick, we at Brave can help you. If you, your child, or someone dear to you is struggling with ADHD, you should get in touch. And here's why.

We at Brave, with our unique ADHD counseling and coaching programs, have helped many kids, students, college graduates, and even adults with ADHD live a better life.

ADHD Coaching

Our ADHD Coaching Missouri program can help you learn how to implement the skills in practical scenarios. Rather than simply discussing the things you want to achieve, you'll have the opportunity to perform tasks in real time with your coach. Your coach will provide education, guidance, and feedback along the way. We will explore various ways for you to complete your desired tasks while ultimately achieving your goal. You have the option of choosing between individual and group coaching.  

ADHD Counseling

Our ADHD Counseling Missouri, on the other hand, helps you overcome the negative feeling of guilt, shame, or embarrassment. Anxiety, depression, and sleep issues are other disorders that follow ADHD. But don't you worry anymore. Our therapists are patient listeners who help you navigate to the deep-seated reasons causing the turmoil. 

Psychiatry for ADHD

For more severe and critical cases, we have the top Psychiatrists in Missouri who fix the biological problems that cause mental disorders by conducting tests, restoring chemical imbalances using a medication, and resolving neurological issues that cause ADHD. 

Our ADHD counseling and coaching can help you with the following:

  • Boosting confidence 
  • Become independent
  • Overcome negative feelings such as shame, guilt, and feeling incompetent
  • Understand your triggers 
  • Overcome limitations & underdeveloped skills 
  • Embrace & leverage strengths
  • Maintain focus on long-term goals
  • Learn, implement and maintain: concrete tools, skills, coping mechanisms & strategies 
  • Establish realistic goals, prioritize, & plan
  • Breaking down projects & initiating tasks 
  • Stay organized with systems & structures  
  • Accountability partners & outsourcing tasks 
  • Create & maintain healthy routines & schedules 
  • Improve time management and problem-solving skills 
  • Manage emotions and triggers​  
  • Improve communication, connections & relationships

So whether you are looking for ADHD counseling for children, ADHD counseling for adults, or ADHD counseling for women, you can count on us to help you overcome the daily struggles and live a better life! Brave extends you a caring hand that shows you the way to a better life and gives you the tools and the arsenal to fulfill your potential. 

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