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Brave's Rates for Counseling & Psychiatry Services

Counseling is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your future. 

The grow you make at Brave lasts a lifetime.

YOU are worth it!

Counseling in Missouri

Our therapists specialize in women's issues. We love working with couples, and individuals. We want you to find a therapist who's a great fit! Our office is located in Columbia, MO. We are happy to provide virtual appointments using our secure video platform. 

Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself. The grow you make in therapy lasts a lifetime.

Rates for counseling sessions vary based on the length of the session and which amazing team member you choose to work. Ultimately, our rates vary from $100 - $125 for a 50-60 minute session. The first session is approximately 90 minutes and double the cost of your agreed-upon rate. 

Why does the first session cost more?

The increased fee covers the increased amount of time together in session as well as the work behind the scenes to get you started. 

The first session, otherwise referred to as the Intake Session, allows for a 90-minute appointment. This gives you adequate time to ask questions, disclose additional information, as well as beginning to clarify your goals for therapy. 

Before your first appointment, we ask you to complete the intake paperwork through our secure online client portal. Your therapist reviews your intake paperwork before meeting with you. This allows you to get to the heart of why you have come to counseling. After your session, the therapist spends time reflecting on the session, creating the treatment plan and doing additional reading and research when appropriate. 

We recognize your time is valuable. Our process allows you to maximize your time with your therapist so you can get the most out of your experience! 

Evening & Weekend Appointments are available. These slots have limited availability. 

Please contact us and inquire.


Dr. Brandt specializes in women's health and wellness. She provides medication management to teens, college students, and young adults in Missouri. Our office is located in Columbia, MO. We are happy to provide appointments virtually through our secure video platform. 



At Brave, we strive for clinical excellence. Our psychiatrist ensures you have plenty of time share your history, present symptoms and concerns, and ask questions. Prior to your appointment you will have the opportunity to electronically sign our polices, complete screenings, and the intake paperwork. Your doctor will review this information prior to meeting with you. This allows you to jump right in and get the help you need. 

Intake: 1 hour for $300

Follow-Up: 30 minutes for $150

College Student/Young Adults with Parent Present

It doesn't matter if your child is 5 or 25 year old, you want to be in the loop. You want to be supportive.  Many young adults, especially college students, may choose to have a parent be present for part or all of their intake or follow-up appointments. Our doctor wants you to have plenty of time to provide additional history, and ask questions. Your participation can be incredibly helpful! We welcome your participation! 

Intake: 90 minutes for $350

Follow-Up: 45 minutes for $200

Teens & Adolescences

As a parents, you are a critical component to your child's care. Our doctor ensures you and your teen have plenty of time to gather information, ask questions and develop a treatment plan. Prior to your teens appointment you will have the opportunity to electronically sign our polices, complete screenings, and the intake paperwork. You are welcome to include your teen in this process of completing the online forms if you feel it is appropriate. Your doctor will review this information prior to meeting with you. This allows you to get started!

Intake: 90 minutes for $350

Follow-Up: 45 minutes for $200

Brave | Insurance


Payment is due at the time of appointment. Cash, check, and all major debit/credit cards accepted. You may also use your flex and health savings account (HSA).

As per policy and for your convenience, we ask you to store a debit/credit card with the secure client portal upon intake. You may choose to use your CC on file regularly or as a backup.

Do you accept insurance?

Brave does not accept insurance as an in-network provider. We choose to work directly with you, rather than work for insurance companies. 

We do provide a receipt for services, also knowns as a Superbill.  This helps you obtain reimbursement from your insurance provider. 

Please be aware your insurance provider may choose to cover all, some or none of these services. Therefore, before your first session, I suggest you contact your insurance company to verify your out-of-network coverage of outpatient mental health services. 

How do I use my Out-Of-Network Benefits?

Contact your health insurance provider directly to verify your Out-of-Network Benefits for Counseling and Mental Health Services. Here are some questions can ask to help understand your benefits and reimbursement for psychotherapy services. 

Questions to ask your Health Insurance Provider:

  • Does my health insurance plan include Out-of-Network Mental Health Benefits?
  • Do I need written approval from my primary care physician for services to be covered?
  • What percentage of my Out-of-Network Mental Health Services will be covered if I submit a Superbill?
  • Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it? Have I met my deductible yet?
  • Is there a limit to how many sessions I can have per the calendar year? If so, what is the limit?
  • How do I get reimbursed? How often should I submit a Superbill? What is the process for submitting a Superbill? 

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