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Postpartum Depression

We know you feel like your drowning. Sleepless nights, constant feedings, and utter exhaustion. Once you throw depression on top of all of that feels like an impossible feat! 

Our therapists are here to support you. We work together to overcome postpartum depression so you can fully enjoy your little one! 

Counseling Postpartum depression Columbia, mo

Becoming a parent is one of the most overwhelming roles you will ever take on.

No matter how ready you thought, you were when your precious little one arrived, your world was rocked. It’s hard to believe that you are a parent and that you are responsible for another person. Your baby may seem perfect, or they may have arrived with some challenges. Maybe your baby was born early, has a medical challenge, or has colic. Maybe your birth plan didn’t go the way you had planned. Perhaps you are struggling to feed your baby. 

If you are like most new parents, you are trying to figure out how to meet your expectations for yourself as a parent, the expectations of family and friends, and let’s not forget the expectations of society and social media.  It is HARD. The baby’s room may have been Pinterest perfect before they were born, and now it is strewn with little outfits, toys, burp rags, and diapers. 

Unfortunately, like most new parents you were not told the whole truth. Many new parents are afraid to talk about how they are feeling because they don’t want anyone to know how scared, broken, and tired they are. 1 in 5 women will experience postpartum depression or anxiety. 

Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy- more common than gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or any of the other medical conditions that pregnant women are screened for. If you feel scared, are crying all the time or feel numb, are worried, are struggling to feel connected to your baby, are so tired but can’t sleep, or are so very angry you are not alone, and you don’t have to feel this way

Reach out for help! We want to help you feel better in a judgment-free space. We will provide you with a safe place to open up and feel your feelings. Getting help will not only help you to be the parent you want to be, but it will help your baby have the best chance at a mentally healthy life.

Be the parent you want to be. You don’t have to be alone. Take the first step, call, and make an appointment. 

Can other types of parents & caregivers have Postpartum Depression?

YES! Parents who are not the birth mother can struggle with postpartum depression or anxiety too. Postpartum mental health issues are not only the result of hormones. 

If you think it is hard for a mother to open up about how she feels, it is even harder for dads and other parents to speak out. The belief you should be strong paired with the belief that your feelings aren’t valid leads to your suffering. 

You deserve a safe place to feel better too! 

Women's Mental Health

Understanding Postpartum Depression

The NICHD-led Moms’ Mental Health Matters initiative is designed to educate families and health care providers about who is at risk for depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy, the signs of these problems, and how to get help. 

Why Mental Health Matter | Causes and Risk Factors

Women of every culture, age, income level and race can develop a Perinatal Mood Disorder. There is no single cause or reason a woman develops a Perinatal Mood Disorder, but contributing factors may include:

  • Previously diagnosed with postpartum depression
  • Difficult or demanding newborn
  • Experienced depression or anxiety during previous pregnancy
  • Personal or family history of mood disorders/mental illness
  • History of severe PMS
  • Woman of color
  • Military family
  • Poor support system
  • History of abuse

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