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Intake Appointment

The First Appointment, also known as the Intake Appointment, allows for 90 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to share your concerns and begin to dive into concrete skills to help you heal. 

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Brave is a safe place to get curious about your past, present & future. Share your story with ease.

Before the first session

Before you meet with your therapist, we ask you to complete our intake form. You'll receive an email invitation to our secure online client portal, SimplePractice. We love SimplePractice because it lets you complete ALL of our forms and questionnaire before meeting with you. 

Our clients appreciate that we gather as much information as possible before we even meet! This process gives you a chance to disclose your symptoms, identify goals for therapy, and share important history. Some of the questions asked can be sensitive and can be more challenging to communicate face-to-face. We've created a safe, secure, convenient way for you to share this information from the privacy of your home. 

So many of our clients often tell us it was helpful for them to begin to clarify what they wanted out of therapy. Completing our intake paperwork ahead of time also allows you to get the most out of your first session! 

Our office

 When you arrive at our office, grab a complimentary beverage while you wait for your therapist to greet you. Our clients appreciate we designed our offices with your comfort in mind. We've created a homey living room vibe.  

During your first session

During your appointment, you and your therapist will discuss your intake paperwork. You'll have a chance to clarify, provide additional details, or share information you chose not to disclose in the paperwork. We encourage you to ask questions. Likely, you will begin to clarify your goals for therapy. However, everyone's experience is slightly different. 

Our therapists are ready to adjust to your needs. Remember, there's no concrete script you or your therapist have to follow. So if something is pressing on your heart or mind, we want to know about it.  

We hope this description was helpful. Feel free to reach out with additional questions! 

What's the Step by Step process to Getting Started?

Struggling to reach out? The most challenging part of therapy is reaching out & showing up.

Your therapist is human too.

Does beginning therapy scary the holy crap out of you? Yep...that's pretty common.

We get it. Believe it or not, every great therapist has been to therapy. Would you go to a dentist if their teeth were all screwed up and falling out of their face? Would you hire a personal trainer who doesn't regularly workout themselves? Nope. I think not. 

For a therapist, it's the same. It's critical we do our work too. We know what it's like to sit on the other side of the couch and be vulnerable about our feelings and life experiences. We know that feeling of googling countless therapists and reading profiles. We recall the butterflies as we carefully (...or frantically) crafted the email to the therapist asking for an appointment. And the days leading up to the first session as we considered what excuse we could use to get out of going. Yep. Been there, done that. But you know what? Therapy wasn't as scary as my brain was telling me it would be. In fact, I experienced relief. Finally, someone got me! And they were eager to listen. My therapist genuinely cared about me. 

Everyone is a little anxious, if not downright terrified to begin therapy. Why? To some degree, it varies. Diving into why you are hurting is painful. Facing your past, present stressors, and pondering your future goals can feel overwhelming. And then there are extraneous factors such as the time commitment and cost. Or worry about what your friends and family would think. "Should I even tell them?"

There's also this fear of not knowing how to...well...begin. If you've never done this before, you might feel uncertain, comfortable, or even intimidated. It's important you know there is no right or wrong way to engage in therapy.

The most challenging part of therapy for many is reaching out and showing up. 

At Brave, we make the process of getting started as smooth as possible. We know if you're feeling hesitant, it also helps us to be as transpartent. Do you have questions? Contact us today! We are happy to help.   

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