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College Students

We love working with young adults! We recognize the challenges you are currently facing and are here to help you face them head-on. We understand there are many barriers that can get in the way of you getting started on a road to healing. It's why we want you to go at your own pace.

Counseling College Students in Columbia, mo

We love working with College Students!

College is a beautiful, messy, stressful, and sometimes painful part of your life. You're coming into your own, trying to figure out who you are. Searching for your place in the world. Slowly you're pulling away from your parents and gravitating towards your own values, interests, and passions. It's confusing, and there are so many directions you could go. 

Going off to college can be scary. Hell, it's downright terrifying at times. As a college student, there are many issues you're currently facing. How do I make new friends? What am I going to major in? What kind of job should I get? Should I keep dating this person? How do I get my parents to accept I'm an adult now???

And while these critial life changing questions are certainly plaguing you, you're still trying to figure out how to do the basics! How do I do laundry? Dishes? Who am I suppose to call when my water pipe bursts? How do I manage my finances and budget? There are so many things I need to figure out.

Or many the problem isn't you haven't learned the fundamental skills to survive. Maybe it's you know those skills too well! Since you were in middle school you've been doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting your siblings ready for bed, buying the groceries for the house and so much more! You were the adult in your house. Your parents weren't really present or an active participate in your life. You're still working to heal those wounds from childhood.

Are you feeling sad or depressed? Do you feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear? Are you using alcohol, substance, sex, binging on food, or Netflicks to numb out and cope with your feelings? Do racing thoughts plague you to the point of exhaustion, and yet you still can't sleep?  

You don't have to go it alone. Whatever you're going through our counselor are here to help! 

What are are some common issues college students face?

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