It's all on a continuum!

Whether you're struggling with weight loss, body image, or disordered eating,  we are here to help you navigate your next steps! 

 We believe addressing your unhealthy attitudes and behaviors surrounding food and body image is necessary at any stage.  

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If you've found this page, you recognize something isn't quite right. You've been struggling with something and your searching for answers. It's time something changes.

Consider for a second that there is a continuum representing a wide range of feeling, attitudes, and behaviors related to food and body image. While some folks might meet the criteria for a specific eating disorder, many others may not. 

You don't have to meet the criteria for a specific eating disorder to seek treatment. Don't continue suffering or allow your behavior to spiral into an eating disorder.  

Whether you're struggling with weight loss, body image, disordered eating, or a diagnosed eating disorder, out Brave Therapists can help you!

What does treatment look like? As a counselor, we utilize evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, to help you recover. Treatment can vary depending on a number of factors. A few elements of treatment could include:

  • Identify underlying causes 
  • Address any mental health issues (anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.)
  • Ongoing education
  • Challenge and replacing thinking errors
  • Coping Skills
  • Strengthening relationships and increasing support systems
  • Connecting you with additional wellness professionals 

Are you still on the fence of seeking treatment?

You've probably talked yourself out of seeking help in the past or even now. A running commentary of self-sabotaging questions or statements are running through your head.

"What's the big deal anyway? Everyone has little self-esteem issues or insecurity about their body, don't they? Everyone does unhealthy things to cope sometimes. So maybe I'm a little consumed lately, or picking up bad habits to lose or control my weight. Okay, yes it sucks and takes its toll, but it's not going to kill me! Right? Maybe I should suck it up already? My problem is silly compared to other peoples issues."

It's time to start challenging those false statements. It's time to get the help you need and deserve. It's time you honor your pain and begin the healing process.

Regardless of how severe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have become, you can begin to recover!  

Reach out today. Let's talk about how we can help you!

What types of concerns do you treat?

Our therapists can assist you with the following:

  • Body Image 
  • Emotional Eating 
  • Disordered Eating 

Depending on the severity we might need to help you connect with additional providers. Please be sure to disclose if you have been treated or suspect you have a diagnosis of the following: 

  • Binge Eating
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia

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