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Anxiety, Panic, & Stress

You've been battling with worry, stress, and anxiety for a long time. You don't even remember a time you weren't feeling anxious. It feels as though anxiety has taken over your life. 

Our Brave therapists are here to help you face your fears, overcome anxiety, and learn useful tools to cope with stress.

Counseling for Anxiety & Panic COLUMBIA, mo

You anxiety doesn't have to control you.

Have you been feeling on edge, restless, or anxious? Is your stomach always in knots to the point of nausea? Is your body tense and sore? Before your day really gets going, are you already feeling tired to the point of exhaustion? Is your mind always on? Do you experience unwanted thoughts? Are you just stress out and overwhelmed? Are these symptoms also coupled with changed in your appetite, sleeping patterns, or mood?

We all experience some level of anxiety. You might be surprised to learn a little bit of stress or anxiety can be healthy and beneficial. Healthy levels of anxiety can act as a built-in warning system developed to protect us. Healthy levels of anxiety can help keep you motivated, preparing you to face life's challenges. For instance, it might keep you motivated to study for the big test or complete a project at work.

However, when anxiety starts to impact your ability to function and enjoy life fully, it's time to seek anxiety treatment.

You've been battling with worry, stress, and anxiety for a long time.  You don't even remember a time you weren't feeling anxious. It feels as though your anxiety has taken over your life. When panic sets in - GAME OVER! You feel shaky, sweaty, and short of breath. You feel cold or hot flashes. Your heart is pounding out of your chest.   You have an overwhelming sense something is wrong, and danger is just around the corner. By the time your panic attack subsides, you're completely drained of all energy. 

You don't have to continue to live this way. Anxiety doesn't have to control your life.

Our Brave therapists use scientifically proven methods to help you find relief quickly. From you're a very first appointment, our therapist will give you concrete tools you can use right away! We treat the heart of the problem so you can find lasting relief. 

It could be some external factor that is fueling your symptoms. Such as school, work, relationships, trauma, or another external source. It could also be internal, stemming from low self-esteem, unwanted thoughts, feelings, or memories. 

Counseling helps you to figure out how to move beyond those points, which keep you stuck living day in and day out with stress and anxiety. In therapy, we will explore where your feelings are stemming from and look for the root of the problem. You also begin to learn to give yourself what you need. Too often, we put our needs of the backburner. You'll learn to utilize healthy coping skills, create a balance in your life, and learn the importance of deepening positive connections. 

Our Brave therapists help you tackle anxiety, heal, grow, and move towards positive lasting change. Don't wait any longer. You are not alone. 

What are Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Restlessness or feeling wound-up or on edge
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Difficulty concentrating or having their minds go blank
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Difficulty controlling the worry
  • Sleep problems (difficulty falling or staying asleep or restless, unsatisfying sleep)

What does Anxiety look and feel like?

Understanding the Cycle of anxiety

How do you break the cycle? At Brave, we will help you understand your anxiety, the cycle, and steps you can take to begin to heal! 

Anxiety Treatment for Kids

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