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Rates for Counseling and Psychiatry Services

The growth you make in therapy lasts a lifetime.

Counseling is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your future.

Are you ready to jump into counseling but worried you couldn't afford our fees? We understand your budget might be tight right now. We want to reduce the financial obstacles.

The growth you make at Brave lasts a lifetime. (And, we promise you are worth it!)

Insurance Policy

Brave does not accept insurance as an in-network provider. We choose to work directly with you, rather than work for insurance companies.

We do provide a receipt for services, also knowns as a Superbill, which you can request online. This helps you obtain reimbursement from your insurance provider. Please be aware your insurance provider may choose to cover all, some, or none of these services. Therefore, before your first session, we suggest you contact your insurance company to verify your out-of-network coverage of outpatient mental health services.

You can use Reimbursify to submit your superbill to your insurance provider. Download the app on either platform:

Payment Options

Payment is due at the time of appointment. Cash, check, and all major debit/credit cards accepted. You may also use your flex and health savings account (HSA). As per policy and for your convenience, we ask you to store a debit/credit card with the secure client portal upon intake. You may choose to use your credit card on file regularly or as a backup.

Counseling Rates & Fees

Before your intake appointment, your therapist will review your paperwork. During your first appointment, you'll have a chance to dive deeper into your current stressors, symptoms, and history. Together you'll clarify your goals and begin to make a concrete plan.

Fees vary based on the clinician you choose and the service they are providing. Rates range between $100 to $135 per 55-minute session. Our Clinical Interns also offer reduced fees and sliding scale appointments.

For those who need a reduced rate closer to the cost of a co-pay, work with one of our Counselors in Training!

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Psychiatry Rates & Fees for Adults

Our providers ensure you have plenty of timeshare your history, present symptoms, and concerns, and ask questions. Prior to your appointment, you will have the opportunity to electronically sign our policies, complete screenings, and the intake paperwork. Your doctor will review this information prior to meeting with you. This allows you to jump right in and get the help you need.

Intake: 1 hour for $350 / Follow-Up: 30 minutes for $175

Psychiatry for Students/Young Adults with Parent Present
It doesn't matter if your child is 5 or 25 years old, you want to be in the loop. You want to be supportive. Many young adults, especially college students, may choose to have a parent be present for a part, or all, of their intake or follow-up appointments. Our doctor wants you to have plenty of time to provide additional history and ask questions. Your participation can be incredibly helpful, and we understand these appointments require additional time.

Adult Psychiatry

Psychiatry Rates for Children (3+) & Adolescents (16+)

As a parent, you are a critical component of your child's care. Our doctor ensures you and your teen have plenty of time to gather information, ask questions, and develop a treatment plan. Prior to your teen's appointment, you will have the opportunity to electronically sign our policies, complete screenings, and the intake paperwork. You are welcome to include your teen in this process of completing the online forms if you feel it is appropriate. Your doctor will review this information prior to meeting with you.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
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