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Welcome to 
Brave Counseling & Psychiatry

As a multispecialty practice, we empower people to live their best life.

Our practice ensures everyone has a safe place to share their story.

Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their worth and create deep meaningful relationships.

We believe true wellness is achieved by integrating the deeper work with real concrete solutions. We value authenticity and allow ourselves to bring our whole self into our sessions with you. What does that mean for you?
Counselor, social worker, therapy

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing exceptional care for you and your loved ones. We embrace a collaborative approach as we help you achieve your goals. With a wide range of skills and expertise, we are uniquely qualified to support your journey towards achieving health and happiness.

We believe true wellness is achieved by integrating the deeper work with real concrete solutions.

We value authenticity and allow ourselves to bring our whole self into our sessions with you. What does that mean for you? We create a space for you to show up and keep it real. There’s no need to pretend you have your sh*t together or minimize your pain. We create a space for you to let down your walls and show up as you really are. You get to be real, uncensored, and unapologetic. Wear legging, drop F-Bomb's, and tell all with a clinician who gets it.

Meet Our Staff

As innovators, we dream of the next adventure before the current one has barely begun.

We dream BIG! We believe within us and those we serve lays limitless potential. We know we can bring our dreams to life because we have the desire and power within us to learn, grow, and connect. We relentlessly persist in the pursuit of our mission, purpose, and passion. We strive each day to live our values.

We understand painful/traumatic experiences help to shape who you are but certainly don’t define you. We imagine a world where every human is loved and accepted for who they are. We envision a world where people are free to be themselves, have deep meaningful connections, and pursue their passion and purpose.

We cultivate relationships with people, businesses, and organizations who share our values. We embrace progressive, creative, and modern approaches within our practice. We fearlessly push the boundaries, using innovative solutions.

Brave’s essential core values are:


We believe that everyone should have the inner strength to accept and believe in themselves.

  • Inclusion through Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice
  • Acceptance through Dignity, Compassion, and Respect
  • Providing a warm welcoming environment that ensures a safe space for all through Privacy, Discretion, and Confidentiality
  • Being our authentic selves by supporting Sex Positive, Kink Positive, and Diverse Relationships 


We believe that the best care is provided through collaborating not only with our clients but with our peers.

  • Meaningful Connections with everyone we interact with by providing Quality, Consistency, and Transparency
  • You determine your care - You are part of the treatment team and have a voice in the care you receive
  • Full team support - means our clinicians collaborate and consult to ensure quality care


We believe that every day is an opportunity to be better than the day before. 

  • Out of the box solution seekers - openness to trying new techniques
  • Life Long Learners - dedicated to continued research and development of our skills
  • Creativity in our practices to ensure that everyone receives the individual care they deserve
  • Efficiently using our tools to not take more time than necessary from our client’s busy lives
  • Openness to change - the world is not stagnant, so why should we be?


We are committed to creating a safe, warm, and welcoming space for ALL. We are allied with people from all walks of life. What does being an “ally” mean to us? 

Being an ally means all of our providers create a safe, accepting, non-judgmental place for our clients to heal. We have taken this a step further by being informed.

  • LGBTQ+ 
  • Non-Binary 
  • Alternative Relationships, Consensual Non-Monogamy, Open Relationship, Polyamory, Swingers
  • Sex Positive, Kink, & BDSM 
  • Sex Worker 
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Body Positive / Health At Every Size 
  • Differently Abled 
  • Veterans 
Brave Counseling & Psychiatry
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